Benefits of Ki Gong (Qi Gong)

The scientific studies performed on Ki Gong is an extensive list. Tai Chi also comes under the category of Ki Gong. All Tai Chi exercises are Ki Gong exercises but not all Ki Gong exercises are Tai Chi exercises. Ki Gong has a more varied approach to health, well being and happiness. This is a new bioenergetic exercise system taken from ancient roots based on Korean practices. Feel the benefits almost immediately.

  • Improves body circulation - Accelerates weight loss - Improves endurance and stamina - Improves immunity by reducing cortisol

  • Improves flexibilty - Improves brain based micro circulation to help with parkinsons and Alzheimer’s disease - Improves hands on healing

  • Develops dexterity and improves reflexes - Calms the mind - Meditations become deeper - Focus improves - Deeper connection with energy

What can Ki Gong do for you?

Ki Gong is an ancient healing art

  • Is Ki Gong hard to learn?

    Not at all. In fact it is easy to learn but hard to master. When you first start combining your mind, your body and your breath together, you will find yourself being easily distracted. As you workout your mind more, your focus improves and makes your meditation practice that much deeper also.

  • Is Ki Gong good for alleviating stress and anxiety?

    Ki Gong is perfect for alleviating the symptoms of stress and anxiety. Scientifically proven by peer reviewed science, Ki Gong will hlep your body stay in the parasympathetic nervous state for longer, improving your overall health and well being also.

  • Is Ki Gong good for your body?

    Ki Gong is a hollistic approach to health. Ideal to compliment any medication you may be on already. Ki Gong has been known to help with high blood pressure, depression, trauma, arthritis and more. Ki Gong is a healing art, unlike Tai Chi, which is a martial art.

  • Can I change my membership?

    Yes you can - You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time.

Start Learning Ki Gong Today

Easy To Learn and Hard To Master

Learning Ki Gong has changed my life, and many of my students also. I have been teaching this ancient technique that has been modernised for the West so that it is easier for you to get into. You can easily incorporate this into your daily schedule, with breathing exercises, opening exercises and stretching.
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Why Practice Ki Gong?

Testimonials From Members Of The Academy

This can happen for you too! You can start today and immediately feel the amazing difference Ki Gong can make to your life.

Peter is a great instructor. He is a Master of Body and Brain and uses many principles in his teaching. He explains what he is doing and how it helps the physical body. There is a connection between the physical and mental body. He is a good leader and uses his knowledge and humour to make his classes enjoyable for all ages. As a musician he uses sound healing. Life can often be hectic and stressful. Bright Beings Academy will enable you to take time out for yourself and benefit yourself for future growth.

Janet Atkins

Peter is endlessly enthusiastic, and this really helps my ability in the Ki Gong sessions.  I have gained insight into who I really am, finding my true self through this practice, and now understand the energy to which we are all connected.   I really enjoy spending time on my training with Peter who has the ability to make me feel there is still so much to gain from my practice.

Jan Owen

Peter class is great! It's different every time and they make it fun as well. After almost 3 years of attending, I can really feel a difference. I'm more flexible and feel happier in myself. 

Margreet Kikstra