Pricing options For Qi Gong Beginners Course

You have two options for this course. Either go through this course on your own, or have a mentor to help you with three personal mentoring sessions at a time of your choice. These sessions are one hour and help you with any questions you may have.

Why Learn Qi Gong?

90% of all diseases are scientifically proven to be caused by stress. You can reverse this!

Learn to deal with stress and anxiety very quickly with this ancient art, brought into the modern world by pioneers and creatives. Millions of people all over the world are benefiting from the practise of Qi Gong. Why not you?

Qi Gong For Beginners

What you will learn on this 21 day mini course

  • The basic principles of Qi Gong to empower you to look after your body holistically

  • How to deal with stress and anxiety effectively and eventually repair traumas from the past with continued practise

  • How to calm the mind and focus your intention on the life you want, not the life you don't want

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