What will I have To Do?

You will have to perform three simple exercises every morning and evening for 15 minutes for 7 days. Thats it. If you can commit to that, then you can do this course. If you can't, this course is not for you.

  • Reset your energetic state by stimulating your entire body

  • Bring your nervous system into the rest, digest and heal mode

  • Bring your brain waves down to low alpha or high theta for more clarity

What You Will Learn On This Course

How this course will help you restore your essence

  • Create A New Habit

    By doing these exercises everyday, you will be creating a new habit for yourself. Changing the way you feel can take time, but with this course, you should start feeling the benefits very quickly.

  • Change Your Energy

    We produce much of our new energy in the body through the mitochodria. By stimulating our mitochondria every day with these exercises, you will start to create new energy for you to use daily.

  • Become Your Best Version

    We can get stuck with old emotions, feelings and thoughts from the past that hinder us living our best life. We can change that old energy into new making a habit of these exercises.

Start Today!

You can start today and feel the difference Soothe Anxiety And Stress Quickly

By signing up for this course, you also get one month membership to the Bright Beings Academy where you can take the group calls, live classes and more. These exercises help with stress and anxiety very quickly. This course is an introduction to the Dream Method.